Three urgent problems of land transfer


How large is the scale? Turnover rate in the number of appropriate? "Non food" why aggravate?
In 1999, in her early 20s of Qi Gang from the agricultural school graduated regardless of the people in the village of ridicule, secretly borrow in their own to build a vegetable greenhouses, because a year, "little money", the second year home no longer opposed, support him to expand the scale, but because of possessing an outflow willingness of land less, the relatives and friends of the many activities, until the end of 2011, a total increase of land of 300 mu.
In 2012, the 28 year old liudawei decided to end four years of drift life return to "do something", different is, he graduated from Beijing Normal University, not agriculture majors in college, but in the "labor contractor" father "financial aid", then a one-time transfer of 2000 acres of land, he plans to combination of planting and breeding, collaborative development.

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