Shandong upfront payment of land contract loan


16, Xi He Zhen Di Jia Ya Cun, Zichuan District of Zibo city farmer Li Jinzhu received a loan of 50 thousand yuan Zichuan District Rural Credit cooperatives. So far, Shandong Province, the first rural land contracting right financing loans issued in Zichuan. Day, for a total of nine households issuing financing loans of rural land contract for the managerial right of 43 million yuan, become Shandong Province was used for the first time the right to the contracted management of rural land financing secured loan business, pioneered in the province only by the financing guarantee the right to land contractual management of loans.
This year, Zichuan District was identified in Zibo City, the rural land contract management right transfer transaction and financing platform for the construction work of the pilot, the local will be as excited the breach of the vitality of economic development in rural areas, to give a support in all aspects of human, material and financial resources. District established the land contract management right transfer transaction and mortgage platform, relying on the ridge town, West town two pilot town land circulation service center, service in the hall additional financing service window, hanging a "rural property rights exchange service center" brand, study and formulate the rural property collateral loan business flow chart, financing Rural property accepted register, the contracted management of rural land against pledge loan business is introduced, rural property financing service window responsibilities and service guide, rural property financing application form and notice on acceptance of single wall system and promotional materials. Negotiate actively communicate with the financial departments to determine the area of rural credit cooperatives, postal savings bank, Agricultural Bank of China 3 financial institutions as a pilot bank. Surveying and mapping costs from the district level financial subsidies, which he Zhen Xi, too he Zhen, with per mu 26 yuan, Zhaili town 15 yuan per mu and other Zhen Mu 10 yuan. As of now, district government has invested 4 million 340 thousand yuan of funds is indeed the right registration certification work.
At present, the region's land transfer transaction services platform and financing platform, has a total circulation of 4.6 million mu of land, the region's rural land management rights and ownership certification work basically completed. December 7, 8, and from the region of the right to the contracted management of land value assessment expert database to extract some experts, free of 9 farmers land contract management right and attachments field view and value evaluation, and issued a nine by the members of the expert group signature value assessment see the book. For the loan, the financial institutions have given households loans preferential interest rates, which District Rural Credit Cooperatives issued similar normal loan annual interest rate of 11.4%, the loan annual interest rate of 7.2%, preferential the annual rate of 4.2%.

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